My husband’s family is really wonderful. His mom is the kindest soul, his dad is fiercely intelligent with a sneaky sense of humor and an overdeveloped appreciation for the ridiculous, and his sister S is the most wonderful girl. Had Hubs and I never dated, I still think S and I would be wonderful friends, but now that she’s my sister-in-law, she is particularly stuck with me.

And so, when we all were joking about taking a family trip to England, I didn’t think much about it, because I come from a family in which “vacation” meant “drive to the mountains to see the trees in the fall and then drive home in the same day, having only stopped for lunch.” Which, in their defense, we were a) poor, and b) had a farm full of animals whose appetites did NOT take vacation.

So, somehow, magically, this trip has come together, and now we will be headed to London mid-October for a full 8 days.

I cannot express my excitement about this in words.

The motherland! From whence my language came! The Tower! Westminster Abbey and Poet’s Corner! Stratford-Upon-Avon, Shakespeare, and the Globe! The British Museum, V&A, and the Tate! Stonehenge! Bath and the Roman baths! THE HISTORY! (Like Eddie Izzard says, where the history comes from.)


(And, also, the Doctor Who experience, which S and I will geekily partake in while everyone else rolls their eyes at us.)

The only other place I’ve visited outside the US was Costa Rica, which was beautiful and all, but both Hubs (actually, then-Boyfriend) and I were both beset with a plague the entirety of our trip. I mean, if you’re going to be sick, that’s not a bad place, but we mostly laid around the pool and moaned. Not a lot of culture soaked up. And I am embarrassed about my lack of travel, but, in my defense, I have seen a lot more of the US than most folks. Still though, it’s a big world, and I want to see all of it I can.

I’m also exceedingly excited about seeing stuff that’s just mindbogglingly old. In Boston, the first time I visited the Paul Revere House, which was built in 1680 or so, and that was mindscrambling for me, a girl from the South, where nothing is over 200 years old and a house built in 1930 seems positively ancient. So I look forward to the brainfreeze that comes from being confronted with buildings that were around before people even knew North America existed.

Anyone have any advice about excellent things I shouldn’t miss?