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I’m not entirely sure how the semester ended so quickly, or where it went, as it seemed to pass in about six days. And, barring any catastrophe or major fuck-ups on my part, this was my last semester of coursework for my master’s.

Plus, 4.0 for the semester, and while I know I earned it, I still get happy, like it’s a gift. I’ve heard some classmates talking about their Bs, and even B minuses, like it’s routine, and I gather this is likely a Big Fat Sign you probably shouldn’t be in grad school, and moreso that even if you have an outlier B, you should probably hush up about it.

At any rate, I walk away from my last classwork with the feeling of, “Oh hell yeah, I can do this.” Which is a really good feeling as I tear in on my thesis, starting, like, now. Prospectus by the end of the week, and aiming to be done by end of May.

Ambitious? Hell yeah. But I got this.