Aluminum pole and feats of strength will have to wait. Comments are the appropriate place for the airing of the grievances, of course.


Christmas season, though I love it, always exacerbates the basic tenet of busyness. Things are insanely busy. My life is just nutty busy. When the semester was finally over last week and I had turned in my final paper, I was all, “Ahhh! Now I can relax a little!” But I was sorely mistaken, having not taken in to account that there were christmas gifts to buy and cards to mail and things to package and bathrooms to finish renovating and lots of cleaning and getting ready for the inlaws to visit and throwing the Fella a very last minute impromptu chili party last night for his birthday (which is Thursday, and always gets ignored due to Christmas).

So, the space in which a week ago was filled with school was now filled with all this other stuff. No relaxing for me. Though I am mostly through a guilty-pleasure vampire book, my first since August, I think. That was a nice distraction.The other day I came across something called Parkinson’s Law (on someone’s blog, no less, but I can’t remember where now, so I apologize for my inability to cite my source), which states that “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” Yes, that’s it, exactly, I thought. The universe abhors a void and all that. It really helps explain why I never feel I have the time to just sit and read a book, or go get a haircut, or spend a leisurely afternoon shopping or taking a walk or what have you.

Sometimes I feel like I am doing this all wrong, that I am royally fucking up at the game of Life because I have so little time for things I really would like to have time for. But then I try to remind myself, “Hey, self, you work 8-5pm M-F, you are a full-time grad student, and you still have things like laundry and bill paying and cooking dinner and keeping the house clean to do, oh and trying to spend at least something like quality time with the husband. So don’t beat yourself up too much and only try to tackle one thing at a time and realize this won’t last forever.” And then I swing the other way and wonder if I am being too easy on myself, and then my brain gets eaten by this giant chasm of whatthefuckamidoing and I go to bed and wake up feeling marginally less crazy until the end of the next day. Rinse. Repeat. I am constantly trying to figure out if there is some better way I could be managing my time so that I could fit in a yoga class (which I desperately need), or time for a walk after dinner, or an afternoon with my girlfriends. But I get up at 6am (5am when I am working on a school project), I do school stuff till 7:30, I go to work, I get home at 5:30, I try to pick up the house and make dinner, I watch something with Zeb (lately Mad Men or Firefly), then I go back to schoolwork and try to be in bed by 11. I don’t know where I can find more time. I think I have a time parasite, leeching away my precious minutes.


So, for anyone wondering what I want for christmas, there it is. More time. Time to watch a movie that’s not for class or my thesis. Time to go on a date with my husband. Time to write letters and read books for pleasure while sipping tea.


At any rate, in the absence of a time-turner, Merry Chris-moose, Happy Festivus, Season’s Greetings, Happy Hannakwanzchrimukka, what have you.