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I’ve been rewatching the stellar season 5 of Supernatural lately, and I’m struck by how many things they do so well–the long-running plotline, the well-paced story arcs, and the general sense of everything unfolding, even from the very beginning. (I have always loved shows that reward the long-time viewer.) The end of season 5 was incredible, and heartbreaking–I literally watched it with tears running down my face. It wasn’t flashy. It wasn’t even all that climactic. But what it was was perfect.

This review gets why:

From AV Club:

“Yeah, pretty much, a car and the bond it represents, and in the end, I’m okay with that. It worked. It wasn’t mind-blowing, and a couple of brutal deaths (which were almost immediately reversed) aside, it wasn’t really shocking. It reduced the conflict to a simple equation, a basic exchange with only one possible variable, and while there wasn’t much doubt how that variable would go (one of the drawbacks of learning a show like this has been renewed another season is knowing that the world probably isn’t going end in a season finale), I got the catharsis I wanted.”

It’s dead on, and the AV Club makes other great observations as well, such as the feat they’ve accomplished just by making a show that at its core is about a very simple premise–the bond between two brothers–and creating this entire, intricate, profound world that’s remained not only interesting but also visceral.

Cannot wait for season 6.