Dear god. The semester starts in 19 days. 19! How did this happen?

I mean, actually, I know exactly how this happened and how all my summer slipped away from me. There was a severe flood where I live that hit both my house and my workplace, and cleanup and repair from that is where my summer went. I still have an incomplete to finish for the summer–since while I should have been writing my final paper for Postmodernism I was instead evacuating my house by boat with two cats in rubbermaid tubs. (By the way, this makes for unhappy kittehs.)

So, I have a couple of weeks to remember what book-learnin’ feels like, revisit my research, and write a paper.

But still, I want my summer* back, dammit.


*And I use the term “summer” loosely, minus most of its “carefree, whiling away the hours while at the pool/ beach/ go kart course” connotations, since I actually work full time, this making “summer” really only a break from classes. But still, that counted as a break, believe me.