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Oh, right–I have a blog!

The lack of posting isn’t from lack of having things to post about, but more due to the utter insanity that is my semester. Working a full-time job at a tiny company that a)  I love, and b) is in danger of imminent financial collapse really takes a lot out of you, especially when followed up with two classes that are time-intensive and the whole newlywed/ figuring out how our lives work together thing.

I pretty much feel like I am sliding down the hill of Things That Must Be Done rather than climbing up it.

But, all that aside, I am finding this semester a tidy combination of horrific and amazing. My Chaucer class is a dud, for whatever reason (I don’t think it’s the content, and I don’t think it’s the prof because I had her last semester and it was a great class, which leads me to believe it’s probably just the odd assortment of personalities in the class) and my Postmodernism class is fucking incredible, and more than that it’s making me rethink what I previously thought would be my specialization–that is, Early Modernism, particularly Early Modern gender & sexuality. I have loved everything we’ve read (and watched) so far, and it seems to really fit with me.

I guess if I am going to abandon the Renaissance ship, now is the time, before I start my thesis. Though I have to admit it pains me; I had a tidy thesis topic all picked out, and my thesis advisor all lined up, and I’m not sure what she’s going to say when I tell her of my possible defection.

Obviously, still some soul-searching to do about it, but between that and the financial duress of my workplace, life feels pretty freaking unsteady right now.

At least February is over, though. At the same time this semester is flying past, February seemed like the month that would not end. TS Eliot had it wrong, wrong, wrong: February is by far the month more likely to gleefully torture you.