Last night my research seminar class met in the Rare Books room. We were waiting for one more student. The professor was feeling poorly, so the head Librarian (her friend) offered to go look for the missing student.

That’s when this conversation ensued:

Librarian: Well, what does he look like?
Dr. H: He’s tall.
Librarian: Oh. Tall. That’s useful.
Dr. H: Well, he’s trained as an historian.
Librarian: I’ll certainly be able to pick him out then!
Librarian exists room. Returns a moment later.
Librarian: I didn’t see any historians. I did see one guy that looked like a sociologist.
Dr. H: That’s him!
Librarian: Hmm. Maybe he minored.
Librarian goes back to retrieve historical/ sociological classmate.

I can’t exactly articulate why, but I so love that this happened.