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It is fully underway, this semester thing, and I keep looking at the calendar and having mild internal panic attacks. How is it October? How are we four weeks in to classes? When am I going to find time to translate 300 lines of a medieval work that I have yet to choose?

The calendar freak out is nothing new to me, but I have managed to complicate things for myself quite splendidly. Not only am I one of those crazy people who is working full time (and not as a teacher, either, which seems to be the pattern) while doing the grad school thing full time, but I also managed to toss yet another large monkeywrench into the works by slipping in a wedding to the middle of the term.

So, yes. I’m getting married. While working full time and going to grad school. The wedding date is Nov 14, which we carefully discussed and planned, because I am a crazy person and have a 30 entry annotated bibliography due on the 12th.

I scheduled my wedding around my annotated bibliography.

Non-academics really do not understand the humor of that.

Nonetheless, getting married rightnow made sense for many different reasons, so I figured what the hell, it’s just one more thing, right?

Luckily my upstanding groom-to-be and I agree on the simple, casual, friends-and-family stance when it comes to wedding planning, and that will help. So I am churning out brilliant designs for clients, impeccable research on Mary Sidney and Isabella Whitney, and making a wedding dress, fifty cupcake toppers, and wedding programs that are traditional while being tongue-in-cheek. The work will be followed with a paycheck, the research will be followed by a great paper that will be a good chunk of my thesis, and the craftiness will be followed by a wedding involving barbecue and a bonfire.